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I have yoga class in a few minutes. I totally don’t want to go. But I will go, and afterwords I’ll be the most self-satisfied person in all the land for going. I’ll probably mention it to no less than ten people. “Yeah, I worked out today. Just a little yoga class, you know….”

Which reminds me of of family saying we have. The -isms. You know those things someone said one time and it was hilarious, and so it gets repeated over and over through the years, completely out of context, and no one outside the family gets it, but the family laughs hysterically?

My niece, Beth, was an absolutely adorable toddler. She drew the attention of everyone. But she was a little fearful of new experiences, which is really funny, since she’s now the Rockin’ Adventure Mom of three boys. Anyway, when it came time for that rite of toddler passage, the first ride on the train at the zoo, Beth didn’t want to participate. She let everyone at the zoo know this quite loudly. And being our family, we* took her on the train anyway. Screaming. She shrieked the entire 5 mph ride around the park. The monkeys went nuts. I believe they thought one of their own had finally made it to freedom.

Well, when it was over and we thankfully got off, the Child Abuse Family, covered in toddler snot, Beth announced to all the assembled folks waiting to get on the train with their non-screaming kids, “I ride de train.”

So proud of herself. “I ride de train.”

“I ride de train.”

She told everyone at the zoo the rest of the afternoon. The cotton candy vendor heard about it. A guy emptying trash. Everyone. They were all so happy for her.

So for the last thirty years, we brag about our accomplishments, even when we had to be dragged kicking and screaming to get them done… “I ride de train.”

“I ride de train.”

Anyway, I’m off to yoga. I probably won’t scream during class. Hopefully. But I’ll be back to brag about it later, definitely.


*I wasn’t actually there, but I’ve heard the story so many times, it feels like I was.


2016, hello.

This is going to be a different year. My mother passed away on August 4, and the last part of 2015 was spent in a blurry, disoriented state of wondering if I was feeling the right things, doing the right things. I didn’t experience grief so much as numbness. I felt as if I had been thrown out of my comfortable world of house, husband, grown kids, friends, writing – into a totally foreign world of care-taking, decision-making, and difficult, sad loss.

My husband is a wonderful person, simply because he is still here. He is here when I have nothing to give him in return but the love of 26 years, and the promise that no matter what, he is always my person, and I am always his.

So, we begin 2016. Continue reading “2016, hello.”

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Blog News

I’ve decided to combine two of my blogs into one. What We Watched has been around a while, but I find that I don’t really watch enough television to maintain a whole blog on just that topic. My posts are few and far between.

This blog, however, Just This About That, covers a lot of topics and I think my television interests would fit in here nicely with the rest of my ramblings. I hope that the tiny number of followers I have will be okay with this. It’s perfectly fine to skip over my thoughts on ADHD, empty nest adjustments, politics, local Alabama craziness, etc., if television is why you follow me.

I think a single blog gives more of a picture of who I am. My television watching, book reading, parenting, political views are all part of the same person, and I have spread myself too thin to post regularly on any blog.

If you find anything of interest here, feel free to follow. I don’t automatically follow back, but please don’t take that personally.

My Local World

Good news

A chic local brunch place is serving chicken and waffles Sunday morning. That’s what I feed the little girl I babysit every time I keep her. I didn’t know it was a thing, I just thought I was a bad babysitter with no imagination. Who knew she’s actually a cool, hipster toddler?

I wonder if Bottletree Cafe has thought of giving a purple Peep to customers who clean their plates?