What We Watched Mini-update: Winter Holidays 2013 (one tiny SPOILER for Top of the Lake)

We finished season two of Game of Thrones.  Wow. It should be overwhelming. So many characters, so many settings, so many scenes. But it isn’t. I can’t even begin to go into a discussion or analysis, I’m still absorbing. And trying to figure out a way to get HBO so we can see season three.

I watched the first episode of Top of the Lake. It’s very strange, and has that quiet, foreign atmosphere and pacing that American crime drama rarely has. Elisabeth Moss is very good in the role of Robin. I read that Anna Paquin was offered the role, and I have not seen her in anything lately, but I think Moss’ quiet, pensive demeanor is perfect. In a single episode, she comes across as both strong and capable with the male detectives, compassionate with the young rape victim, and baffled and weighed down by her demanding ill mother. And Holly Hunter…WHAT??? So strange.  I will be watching the rest of this. I’m completely unspoiled, having read no reviews, so please don’t spoil me. 🙂

Justified returns with season 5 on January 7, so my son and I will be re-watching season 4 in the next few days. I watched it when it aired, but he has not seen it at all. As I recall, it was not as strong as previous seasons, but maybe my opinion will change upon re-watching.

Supernatural season 9 picks up again on January 14. I’ll be writing about Supernatural in a separate post, coming soon.