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The Dreaded House

This category is for posts about this dreaded place I live in, and how I love it, but also how it demands to be cleaned, painted, organized, nailed together, roofed, and otherwise made habitable. Also, sometimes about elements of my dream habitat, which shall exist only in my dreams.

How much do you want to know?

We got new counter tops. Beautiful, sleek, black counter tops for which I have been longing for years. I’m in love with them.

file-oct-27-9-20-17-am   They’re so pretty. Continue reading “How much do you want to know?”

Extremely Amateur Woodworking

Yes, the kitchen renovation continues. We changed our minds about the flooring, and so that’s not done yet. We have lovely plywood sub-floor, complete with random splinters. I’m loving the counter tops and the new sink and faucet. We are so close and yet so far from being finished. But, hey, it has only been a year since Gary got up one day and started unexpectedly peeling off the 1990’s wallpaper.

While we’re waiting I guess to get up the courage to go buy the flooring, we started building the new trim work for the windows. We are removing the plain builder’s trim and replacing it with craftsman trim. Going from this:


to this:


Neither of these pictures is my house. My house looks like this:


We finished the lower sills yesterday and today we will do the rest. Then I will caulk the ever-loving out of it to fill in the cracks where our best efforts at measuring fell short. Interior trim work is not a job for an obsessive perfectionist. Or maybe it is, because I’m learning a lot about creative adjustments to get pieces of wood to fit together, whether they want to or not. And caulk is an amazing thing. It is my friend. I’m also learning to love sandpaper.

There will come a day when we paint the walls, and we move all the food back into the pantry, and put things on the counters and the walls, and this room looks like a usable kitchen again.

That day is not today.

Nemesis. He’s loud, scary and smells bad.

I have to stop going out in public

Every time I see anyone I know, they say, “How’s the kitchen renovation going?”

It’s like when you’re pregnant and huge and someone asks your due date and you tell them and they go, “Oh…You still have a while….” Yeah.

What I really want to say is, “Remember what it’s like to have that first poop after you’ve had a baby?” To which most women will say, “Oh, god…yes?”

It’s like that. Continue reading “I have to stop going out in public”

May the kitchen renovation gods help us.

We’re at the stage of kitchen renovation where it looks like it can’t get worse, but it probably will, before it gets better. I’m trying not to have a full-blown episode about it, but that is not easy.

In case I haven’t mentioned it, this is a weekends (mostly) totally DIY project. I can’t remember exactly when we started, but obviously, we’re still in demo phase. Progress has been made. Walls have been knocked down, a door closed up, sheetrock replaced where there were holes from where the walls came down. Wallpaper has been removed, and as of yesterday, the textured ceiling is scraped and smoothed.

I would like to say we are at the messiest moment, but I’m afraid the mudding and sanding of the sheetrock might be worse.

It will be worth it. It will.


The Written Equivalent of Acting Out (or throwing up)

Sometimes, I just have to (as my son calls it) word vomit onto the page. Bad writing, pointless – it just needs to get out. And I feel better afterwards. It’s like being car sick, and finally yelling, “Pull over, I have to puke!” Continue reading “The Written Equivalent of Acting Out (or throwing up)”

Tiny organization victory.

Not up to tackling anything big, today I went for something small that has a big impact because I open this drawer several times every single day.

The dreaded bathroom vanity drawer.

I don’t know how this is possible, but I threw away half a garbage bag full of stuff from one very small drawer!

It’s easy to be ruthless when it’s just one drawer. I got rid of everything I don’t use, and organized the drawer with the stuff I touch every day near the front. I bought plastic organizers to hold everything, and I lined the bottom of the drawer with clear plastic liner that keeps the organizers from sliding around.

Here’s the finished product:


See how tiny it is? I don’t know how all that junk was in there!

In other news, I dropped a hard plastic box on my poor, flip-flop clad toe in Bed, Bath and Beyond. It BLED! From a stupid little box. I wanted to cry, but I held it together.

Tomorrow, kitchen cabinet #2 (the one over the vent hood). Check back for a really scary “before” picture!

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