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Just so you know, that’s me.  I’m Liz Wallace, a southern wife and mom of two sons.  I love to read and write.  I’m interested, in sort of a horrified way, in politics.  I’m a lawyer, but I have not practiced in many years.  I have been fortunate enough to raise my kids and do volunteer work  in the community and in my sons’ schools for over 19 years.

I’m a spiritual person, but not a churchgoer.  I was raised Christian, and still consider myself to be one, but I probably would not pass muster in the local Baptist churches.  I’m a liberal Democrat, a rarity in Alabama.

The majority of my friends are Republican.  Many of them are Fox News watchers and I exist in an an environment where Obama is as hated as Hitler, public school teachers (of which my mother was one for over 30 years) are treated with derision and disrespect, and the biggest issues of discussion are abortion, contraception, prayer in schools.  War seems to be pretty much okay with everyone, no matter the cost in lives and resources.

My escapes are books, television, and knitting. I love the television shows Supernatural and The Walking Dead. I occasionally blog about those. I will sometimes show you pictures of my knitting. 🙂

I know I’m the odd one here.  I know my opinions are the minority where I live.  And so I blog.

Facebook friends, if you wander here and read this and are horrified, feel free to “unfriend me.”  It’s your right to do so.  I am who I am, and I believe what I believe.

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