Vagabond Shoes

I have never been to New York City.

Can you imagine? My mom went almost every year with her girlfriends, usually in the fall. Over the years they saw a ton of shows, and all the museums, and stood on top of the WTC about a year before the towers came down. She loved New York.

So, in a very uncharacteristic moment of impulsiveness, I booked a trip for the fam. Just a four-day long weekend. Ben wants to tour the UN, I want to see one museum, Gary wants to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. We’ll see a show on Friday night. We’ll ride the Staten Island Ferry. We’ll go to the top of something, maybe the Rock, or the Empire State Building.

This will be our First-timers Trip: touristy, but not too touristy. We have to do it without Will, because he has plans and can’t really take off work. He’s our Yelp! Manager, and we will miss him. He has a very good record of picking places to eat that are good and local. Ben is going to have to pick up the slack there.

I have my usual travel anxiety/excitement (anxitement? exciety?). I’m obsessing over shoes, weather preparedness, and camera choice. I’m aiming to cut the amount of unnecessary shit I pack by half.

I’m a little scared of pissing off New Yorkers. Gary lives for breaking “the rules” and I’m afraid New Yorkers won’t put up with his shenanigans.

I would love to hear advice from folks who have been to New York. What is the one thing you wish you had known/done/not done your first time there?

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  1. I’ve only been once in 2010 with my brother, who is a pro. I would be terrified to go it alone, so hats off to you. He for sure said the Rock was a better place to do than Empire State Building. But I can’t remember why now! But I did enjoy the Rock a lot. We ate at foo foo places. I wanted a hot dog from a cart soooo bad but wasn’t allowed to because it was beneath us. Give me a break. I’m sure a quick Trip Advisor search could give you a good idea of places to eat. And I remember just walking by a lot of ‘normal’ places and thinking how good they looked. You’ll just stumble across places and love it probably.

  2. “Anxcitement!” Perfect. I was in NYC back in high school, but I was a teenager, and thus, did not pay very much attention. We saw 42nd Street, which I loved, but anything you see will be great, I’m sure– do you know what you’re going to see yet?

  3. Anything and everything. Whatever. All part of NY experience. New Yorkers love tourists. They’ll bend over backwards.
    Staten Island Ferry cheap thrill; subway a must (outside of rush hour); Central Park definitely (rent bikes); MET or other museums. Go up at Rocketfeller and take a picture. Churches! Jeans, tennis shoes, tons of walking.Enjoy!!!!!

  4. I went in October 2 years ago and loved it. At the risk of sounding 100% touristy, my favorite activity was by far Lady Liberty. The boat ride over was beautiful, as was the park and statue. The views of the city were stunning. Standing where so many before me stood contemplating a new future made me pause and feel priveledged to be there. It was worth the time. Buy your tickets at the park website ahead of time.

    Another fun activity was Chelsea Market. The Halloween decorations were fun and there are many shops and restaurants. I also slipped inside Purl Soho for a bit by myself and splurged on some NYC yarn. The intention was to knit my own NYC souvenir, but as you can imagine, I have yet to put my plan into action. Here is the shop:

    Enjoy your trip! And know that all your fans want to read all about it when you return.

    Safe travels!

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