Moms of adult sons: Advice, please.

How long is appropriate to follow your sons’ exes on social media?

Don’t judge me! I’m not stalking. Just occasionally a picture or comment shows up on my feed. And I’m only talking about the serious relationships; the ones who were in our lives for a significant time. They did not become daughters-in-law, but I was absolutely sizing them up for the role, as one does.

Now, certainly, when they marry someone else, yes, I get that.

But what about before that? In my defense, I have no daughters, and these young women are my window into Millennial Woman World. Besides, my boys have good taste! These women are funny and intelligent, and their views on life are interesting.

So, what say you, moms? What’s the “don’t get creepy” cut-off?

One thought on “Moms of adult sons: Advice, please.

  1. Liz – great post and great subject, I don’t know the answers to the social media mix with former girlfriends of your sons. I too – only have sons, and I agree with you that these women are the window into Millennial women — good insight. From makeup tips to fashion – these women played important part at one time in our lives.

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