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How much do you want to know?

We got new counter tops. Beautiful, sleek, black counter tops for which I have been longing for years. I’m in love with them.

file-oct-27-9-20-17-am   They’re so pretty.

But here’s this: they show EVERYTHING. Your kitchen is a crime scene, and all the evidence is right there.

Do we really want to know what is on our kitchen counters? I say yes, because it’s where we make our food, but really with black counter tops, you’re gonna know it ALL. You think your cat doesn’t get up and walk all around on the counters at night? Well, she does (and apparently just after using the litter box, ’cause where else could that fine gray dust come from?)

I am the last person to judge, because I am a crappy housekeeper, but you folks who have that lovely granite that doesn’t show anything, I totally feel you. I’m that way about hardwood floors. If I can’t see it, it’s not there. However, if I step in something sticky three times, it’s time to mop. (And by mop, I mean wipe the general area with a wet sponge.)

But I can see where I could develop a problem with these black counter tops. I have a genetic predisposition. My mother was a mad counter-wiper. She wore the color off the Formica in two different houses.

So, there you have it: black counter tops plus counter-wiping neurosis is probably not a great combination. There are some things it is best not to know. But for me, these counter tops are worth it!

And for friends who don’t ask, lest I burst into tears, we are at about T-minus two weeks from the kitchen renovation being finished! It’s been eighteen months. Like most things in my life, I have no explanation that would make sense to normal people.

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