I often feel so frozen, as if I can see all the things I want to do, but I spin my wheels and never really get anything completed. I am an expert level procrastinator. All my energy is inside my head. I compare myself, unwisely, to people who are doing great things in the world. Not a smart way to live. But I had an idea that if I had a big white board, I could write down the things I have accomplished that made me feel good and proud, and then I could look at them and know that I am not frozen, and not just sitting here watching time pass.

I have long believed that you get what you measure, and if something rewards you, and empowers you, then you have to measure it. This is my very simple method of measuring what I do. Instead of dwelling on all the things we failed at, and feeling guilty for all the things that did not get done, we should have a concrete, simple way to look at what we did. Big or small things, professional or personal, nothing is too trivial. This is a way of giving ourselves a positive thought, a good feeling, a reason to stretch a little more next week.

I am going to post my white board here every Thursday. You can post yours in the comments. That would be great, but remember, this is NOT about competition. No judgments. We are all in different places. This is about giving ourselves a flower, or a ribbon, or a pat on the back for putting another small brick in our happiest of houses.

There are no small victories.   file-sep-22-12-33-21-pm