This Blog Needs an Enema

I don’t think I’ve ever been so writer’s  blocked in my life.

Since I wrote that first line, I’ve gotten up three times. Good grief.

I can’t imagine any topic more dull than someone writing about how much trouble they are having writing.

I have interesting topics. I just can’t write them. One is about my son’s upcoming trip to study this summer in Paris, and how freaked out I am that he is going to travel alone to a huge city where he will have to figure out public transportation, money, getting to the University every day, keeping up with his stuff, and figuring out where to wash his clothes.

I just watched an entire YouTube video about how to make your British accent sound more American. I don’t even know how I got from here to YouTube.

Anyway, topics. Politics. The American presidential race. Insanity. That’s pretty much it. Local politics. Thankfully, we have challengers this cycle to almost all the ridiculous good old boys who are running the city into the ground. I’ll write more about that later.

The house and our many projects. Progress is glacial.

Oh, speaking of glaciers, we are cruising to Alaska next May. That is huge for us, because we are the worst at planning and going on trips. Gary and I are not that adventurous. I don’t know where our kids got it.

This is pretty much the extent of my attention span for now, plus Gary is back from the paint store and he is talking to me nonstop, and all I can do is end this post with a cat  picture.Ben in airportOkay, that’s not a cat picture. But while I was looking for a cat picture, I found this cute picture of the soon-to-be-flying-off-to-Paris son. This was the last time he flew off somewhere, and it was fine.

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