The Dreaded House

Extremely Amateur Woodworking

Yes, the kitchen renovation continues. We changed our minds about the flooring, and so that’s not done yet. We have lovely plywood sub-floor, complete with random splinters. I’m loving the counter tops and the new sink and faucet. We are so close and yet so far from being finished. But, hey, it has only been a year since Gary got up one day and started unexpectedly peeling off the 1990’s wallpaper.

While we’re waiting I guess to get up the courage to go buy the flooring, we started building the new trim work for the windows. We are removing the plain builder’s trim and replacing it with craftsman trim. Going from this:


to this:


Neither of these pictures is my house. My house looks like this:


We finished the lower sills yesterday and today we will do the rest. Then I will caulk the ever-loving out of it to fill in the cracks where our best efforts at measuring fell short. Interior trim work is not a job for an obsessive perfectionist. Or maybe it is, because I’m learning a lot about creative adjustments to get pieces of wood to fit together, whether they want to or not. And caulk is an amazing thing. It is my friend. I’m also learning to love sandpaper.

There will come a day when we paint the walls, and we move all the food back into the pantry, and put things on the counters and the walls, and this room looks like a usable kitchen again.

That day is not today.

Nemesis. He’s loud, scary and smells bad.

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