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How to be Popular on Halloween (or not)

I’ve been checking out Pinterest for Halloween ideas and I think I’ve found a way to make our house the go-to of the cul-de-sac. Forget boring candy, kids are unimpressed, and frankly, most of them don’t find it worth coming down our out of the way street for Reese’s Cups and Kit Kats anymore.

So, how about this menu?

pumpkindeviledeggsPumpkin deviled eggs. Yeah?

The filling, actually, is neither egg nor pumpkin, but some hipster concoction involving sriracha mayo and the like. I can just see the little faces now.But for those who actually like the yellow mush in deviled eggs, there are these:

Spider Eggs!


Because what child doesn’t LOVE black olives?

(But, now that I think about it, I guess I should hold off on these, due to that unfortunate 4th of July street party on the cul-de-sac a few years ago when the deviled eggs sat out in the heat too long. The adults got an extra day off, but no one cares for deviled eggs that much any more.)

All kidding aside, there are a couple of things I think kids really would love:

evilgingerbreadmenVampire Gingerbread Men.

They are really cute, plus, you could make Mummy Gingerbread men and Zombie Gingerbread Men, depending on your level of icing artistry and the amount of sugar you want to pump into the neighborhood.




Now for the really kid-friendly ones:

(Warning: there are many varieties of the Hot-dog Amputated Finger, but I thought this one looked the most gross and realistic.

hotdogfingersThey actually make me gag a little, mostly because of the icky onion old man fingernail.

(Can be served with or without a bloodstained bun, obviously.)

For a little fiber, and a vegetarian option to your Halloween offerings, I give you:

cockroachesCockroach Dates.

These can be whipped up in a jiffy. Which is convenient, or disgusting when you realize that you really don’t have to do much to dates to make them look like cockroaches.

I saved my favorite for last. I can only imagine how much all my great-nephews would love these.

Pinterest_130891472468603363Used Q-Tips with Ear Wax.

Actually, lollipop sticks, mini marshmallows, and melted butterscotch chips. Delicious and hilarious!

Happy Halloween!

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