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I’ve decided to combine two of my blogs into one. What We Watched has been around a while, but I find that I don’t really watch enough television to maintain a whole blog on just that topic. My posts are few and far between.

This blog, however, Just This About That, covers a lot of topics and I think my television interests would fit in here nicely with the rest of my ramblings. I hope that the tiny number of followers I have will be okay with this. It’s perfectly fine to skip over my thoughts on ADHD, empty nest adjustments, politics, local Alabama craziness, etc., if television is why you follow me.

I think a single blog gives more of a picture of who I am. My television watching, book reading, parenting, political views are all part of the same person, and I have spread myself too thin to post regularly on any blog.

If you find anything of interest here, feel free to follow. I don’t automatically follow back, but please don’t take that personally.

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