Last night: Supernatural, ep. 8.22 “Clip Show”

Not as good as the previous week’s “The Great Escapist,” but still a good episode. I love finding out more and more about the Men of Letters’ lair, with its creepy room filled with boxes and boxes of files and the hidden demon dungeon. Yikes, those guys.

Dean is mad at Castiel for not trusting him with the angel tablet and taking off with it and hiding from the brothers while they try to figure out the trials to close Hell. Don’t worry, Cas. Dean never stays mad at you long. Just don’t screw up and get Metatron killed.

Sam’s illness seems to come and go. It gets worse, then it gets better. He was near death last week, but this week he seems functional enough to sew a severed head back on a dead body. (I know, lots of weird stuff in this episode.)

Speaking of weird (with three exclamation points), I loved that the MOL gave ratings to possessions (the one in the movie was a 3), and that they kept old films and tapes of exorcisms. I’m still iffy on how a demon gets cured. I get the repeated injections of purified blood, and the special Latin ritual, but what exactly happens? The soul of the person is restored to humanity? But then what do you have? A soul without a body, because the body is long dead and rotted. Wouldn’t you have two souls inhabiting the one body of the possessed victim? (assuming the victim is still alive?) What if the victim is dead, like the woman Abbadon possessed? That person’s innocent soul would, I guess, already be gone, but to where? You would think to Heaven, but that didn’t seem to be the case with Meg Masters. Meg was an innocent college girl, but after her possession and death, she didn’t seem happy and at peace. She came back to get revenge on Sam and Dean for not saving her.

It has always bothered me that the show is so cavalier about killing the possessed victims with the demon-killing knife, especially if their souls don’t go to Heaven.

Anyway, so let’s say a demon can be cured, the soul restored to humanity. Is it an innocent soul? Sometimes, I guess, sometimes not. I would think that if the former demon is innocent, when cured it would go up to Heaven in blue light, like Bobby did. Then the soul of the possessed victim would retake control of his body, if the body was still viable. But that’s not what they showed us in the scene of the Father curing a demon. I don’t get it, but I’ll just roll with it and assume it will be explained when we see it happen.

Speaking of the killing of innocents…ugh, show! Really, Sarah Blake? Not just an innocent, but someone we loved. Oh, and do be sure and twist the knife by telling us that she’s married and has a baby daughter. Poor Sam. Poor Dean. Ugh.

So, now what? Crowley wants the tablet, and he’s blackmailing Sam and Dean to get it. He wants them to stand down from doing the third trial, but won’t Sam die if they do that?

Meanwhile Metatron and Castiel are off killing Nephalim waitresses, and that’s a whole other story, and I’m so confused.

But I’m good with it. I will watch the episode again today and I think next week is going to be really, really good. IF they begin with “Carry On Wayward Son.” There will be peace when they are done, right?

A couple of asides: 1. Fans whining about how Dean is being marginalized and “doesn’t have a story line” – watch the show. He’s crucial. I don’t even understand you people.

2. Producer Jerry Wanek – might want to keep your opinions about the relative acting skills of your two leads to yourself and not discuss it with strangers in airports, because there is this thing called the Internet. Just saying.

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