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A little sanity, any time now, would be good…

I know that Wayne LaPierre knows his audience. And he knows his job.

His audience is that subset of gun owners who are just, frankly, batshit crazy. That’s who he is working up into a frothing, fearful, screeching frenzy of outrage. It’s his job, so that those people rush out to WalMarts and gun stores and gun shows and buy more guns and ammunition.

I understand that it’s what he gets paid for. And the news media gives him a platform to do it by printing and repeating his crazy allegations that the President said things in his Inaugural Address that he simply did not say. I guess LaPierre is counting on the fact that his target (no pun intended) audience was busy counting their hoarded canned goods on Monday and didn’t listen to the Inaugural Address, and therefore won’t know that the President did not mention guns at all.

But when, I wonder, will normal, regular gun owners start to get uncomfortable with the nutcases dominating the discussion and making them all look crazy? When will someone take LaPierre aside as say, “Wayne, buddy. You need to dial it down. You’ve got this. AR-15s are flying off the shelves. Ammunition is selling at three times the normal rate. But you’re starting to make us look a little kooky, and we aren’t all kooks.”

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